2 Ways Of Using Color In Mdf Skirting Boards To Improve Our Homes

MDF skirting boards, architraves and other interior mouldings should always be painted white with the only consideration being to either opt for satin or gloss finish according to conventional wisdom. The good news is there are huge arrays of options available for us to engage in when conducting an interior design plan as much as this color stuff might look like a myth. Therefore in this work we are going to take a look at the two distinct decorating styles that can feature to elevate the d├ęcor of your interior paintings.

Light Colored Walls with a Contrasting Dark Trim

It is a more modern trend to paint MDF skirting boards and architrave in darker colors than the walls although it really works well if it is a traditional scheme. You can still create the illusion of space in two ways by introducing a contrasting color for the woodwork in your home by: framing expanses of lighter shades on the walls with dark moulding thus making them look larger than they really are and painting darker moulding which gives definition of space throughout the room thus elongating space.

Paint Skirting and Architrave the same Color as the Walls

It has become very popular now using the same color for the walls and interior moulding. It is making a very strong comeback and it is becoming more and more widespread in contemporary interior design although this style goes back to the Georgian era. As the lack of a clearly defined border assists in opening up space painting skirting, architrave and your walls all in the same shade is particularly effective in smaller spaces. It can be a very calming quality particularly if pastel colors are used with no harsh contrasts to draw the eye away.